Wednesday, March 15, 2006

OK so this is my first blog. I can't even begin to imagine how many blogs have a first blog that begin with "ok so this is my first blog". as a result, this is the last time i will say the words "blog" "first", or "ok" in this post.
blog blog blog bloggy bloggy blog, ok? first blog, ok?! ok. first blog. blogging the blog is ok, but first blogs on a blog are the bloggiest blogs ever to be blogged.
whew! got that off my chest

the more alert readers might have noticed right off the bat, that i don't write in what can be called the "typical" style of ...web logs (ha, i gotcha). i capitalize what i think is important (meaning i don't just go around capitalizing my i's all the time). i spell things correctly. i know how and when to use contractions. i even know a little html. so, you're in for a fun time! (see how i didn't say "your", or "youre" there? it's fun to be right!)

also i guess the parentheses thing will get a bit old after a while, so i'll try to limit myself. it's something i've done since i was little and discovered the awesomeness of The Bracket. "what? you can put a sidenote inside of another sidenote? brilliant!!"

so i've kind of introduced myself, or rather, my style of writing. now i'll expand on what this blog will deal with:

  • Crazy Christians
  • Children's Television
  • Friends and acquaintences
  • Politics, revolution, and the many follies of our dictator-in-chief
  • hah...i just said dick and 'tater
  • bullets are awesome
  • How to deal with being an artistic intellectual in a society which values neither trait
  • pop culture references

So I think i'll leave it off here and let the rest of my posts speak for themselves. y'all have fun now, hear?


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