Friday, March 17, 2006

Oppressed Citizenry, The time for revolt is now!

well...maybe later.

why is it that, no matter how far the american people are pushed, no matter what atrocities are done by our dicktator in chief, no matter how much it is outwardly, obviously shown that not one soul in washington gives one goddamn about any one of us, that we do absolutely nothing.

katrina: i got really really excited. i mean REALLY excited. don't get me wrong, i feel very strongly for everybody who lost their lives, loved ones, or everything they held dear...all because of a botched government response. the things that got my blood boiling and kicked my "revolution?" gland into overdrive were the man-on-the-street interviews that tv stations had. you would see a black mother of two up to her knees in water shouting at the camera "we are dying! where is the help?! this is america!!" you would hear these voices and it would catch your attention. because, even though it could be pushed aside merely as voices from the downtrodden populus (DC: "they don't give us money, why should we care?"), if you really looked through the tv...really looked at this could see the fire in their eyes. you could almost hear a quieted, slow chant of "revolt! revolt! revolt!"

i got excited.

i would spend late nights in a diner with my friend/drummer, and we would stare through our cold cups of coffee, and we would half-smirk and say to each other "it's coming,'s fucking coming...all they need is to all get together in DC". if everyone affected by katrina had congregated on the white house lawn, or by the steps of the capitol...or, hell, even just had a picnic near the jefferson memorial, the world would have cocked its head and payed attention.
am i the only one who thinks it's absolutely hillarious that we had to accept aid money from great britain? and that, to this day, the fund-raising nonprofit charities are funneling all sorts of money into new orleans. how long ago did this happen??
it's all well and good to hear G-dub ramble aimlessly about america being the greatest country on earth, but if we can't even make sure that we're safe from water, how can we honestly fight a war against people who honest-to-goodness want to blow us up.

thomas jefferson said that, in order for the US constitution to work, there should be a massive overthrow every 20 or so years. we're long overdue.

Which brings me to the reason i'm posting today.
it's st. patrick's day and, also, the day that V for Vendetta drops its bomb on the viewing public. I am captivated. all i know about it is that there is a man in a mask who fights against a totalitarian government and says things like "a government should be afraid of its people" in the previews, and that's all it took for me to have to go change my pants. i am psyched. no, i am super-psyched. this already looks like it's going to be a blockbuster just based on the action and writing/directing credits (the matrix guys). and if that kind of wake-up call reaches millions, there's got to be at least thousands who are pissed off enough to have that be the match thrown in the kindling box.

i really, honestly wonder sometimes, if g.w. knows how many people there are in this country who are screaming for his blood to be spilled. a 34% approval rating? meaning that 66% of people in this country think he's not doing his job.

listen to me very carefully:
there are 296,496,649 of us
there are 435 reps...100 senators... and one president

what level of injustice will it take for our people to realize these numbers?


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